Growing Responsibly - Urban (October 2020)

ThGrowing Resposibly in Urban Areasis workshop series focused on the urban side of Growing Responsibly – buildable lands, redevelopment & infill, and Urban Growth Area boundaries. Whether you live or work in an urban, suburban, or rural community, the way we grow in urban areas is important to our future. The decisions we make in these areas will have a significant impact on Lancaster County’s economy and character for years to come.


Topic 1 – Lands Within and Adjacent to Growth Areas


To keep most development inside growth areas, we need to make sure that these areas align with existing infrastructure (water and sewer) and have the capacity to accommodate appropriate industrial development, housing, etc. The purpose of this analysis is to show us 1) how we’ve grown over the last five years, 2) areas where it might be difficult to build, and 3) areas that are more suitable for development. This information can help us avoid unnecessary expansions of growth areas that could conflict with agricultural and natural land preservation efforts.


Click on the analysis and corresponding planning area tables and maps below.


Growth Areas Analysis


Table 1 – East

Growth Area Maps – East

Table 1 – Metro

Growth Area Maps – Metro

Table 1 – Northeast

Growth Area Maps – Northeast

Table 1 – Northwest

Growth Area Maps – Northwest

Table 1 – South

Growth Area Maps – South

Table 1 – West

Growth Area Maps – West



Topic 2 – Infill and Reinvestment in Urban Growth Areas


This topic is important because we know that a portion of new development in Urban Growth Areas will occur on underutilized parcels and infill lots. By encouraging more reinvestment and infill, we can lessen the demand for greenfield development and reduce the consumption of buildable lands. The purpose of this topic is to Identify areas for potential infill and reinvestment opportunities within Urban Growth Areas, and recommend how places2040 catalytic tools can be implemented to achieve these results


Click on the analysis and corresponding planning area maps below.


Infill and Reinvestment Analysis

Infill and Reinvestment Map – East

Infill and Reinvestment Map – Metro

Infill and Reinvestment Map – Northeast

Infill and Reinvestment Map – Northwest

Infill and Reinvestment Map – South

Infill and Reinvestment Map – West



Methodology & Meeting Recording


Growing Responsibly in Urban Areas Methodology



Metro (10/27/2020)