Round 2 (June 2023)

UGA/VGA Recalibration

In this round, we updated our process for reviewing existing growth area boundaries and presented our preliminary findings. We also asked participants to confirm remaining buildable land within existing growth areas, identify sites for redevelopment, and share any other relevant information to help us propose boundary changes for consideration this fall.

Housing Subcommittee

As part of our 12-step growth area recalibration process, we formed a subcommittee of local housing experts. This group is providing data, discussing the residential mix we’d like to see in growth areas, and helping us address common myths about housing.

Buildable Land and Redevelopment Areas

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East Planning Area – Tue. 6/13/23
Presentation (PDF)
Buildable Lands and Redevelopment Map (PDF)

Northeast Planning Area – Wed. 6/14/23
Presentation (PDF)
Buildable Lands and Redevelopment Map (PDF)

Northwest Planning Area – Tue. 6/20/23
Presentation (PDF)
Buildable Lands and Redevelopment Map (PDF)

South Planning Area – SLCIMC Meeting – Tue. 6/20/23
(No presentation for this meeting)
Buildable Lands and Redevelopment Map (PDF)

Metro and West Planning Areas – Wed. 6/21/23
Presentation (PDF)
Buildable Lands and Redevelopment Map (PDF)

Additional Maps
For some municipalities that are split among different planning areas, we created an additional map focusing on that individual municipality and its immediate surrounding area.

East Hempfield Township
East Lampeter Township
Manheim Township
West Earl Township
West Hempfield Township
West Lampeter Township

 Other Topics

  1. Regional liaisons
  2. Act 167 – Countywide stormwater management plan
  3. E-submission software – Rollout for subdivision and land development submissions
  4. Sketch plan review – Discussing upcoming development plans with municipal staff
  5. Domain change ( to – New address for county website and emails