Strategic Tourism Development Element
Tourism, the strategic tourism development element of the Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan, is focused on increasing the economic, social, and environmental benefits of tourism in Lancaster County. The plan urges stakeholders to build on the area’s historic commitment to tourism, enhance existing tourism products, and develop new tourism products that are both sustainable and authentic. These products should not only appeal to visitors, but enhance local residents’ quality of life.

The plan outlines goals focused on five strategic areas:
  • Product development - Build on the county’s strength as a tourism destination. Enhance the Lancaster County Heritage program, establishing Lancaster city as a new product, and focus resources on Tourism Development Areas, or TDAs - areas that have the greatest potential for tourism development.
  • Infrastructure - Make it easy for visitors. Enhance visitor mobility between TDAs.
  • Marketing - Focus on brand equity, continuity, and packaging. Engage in segmented and niche marketing to increase overall visitation and attract more overnight visitors.
  • Public involvement - Educate and involve the community in tourism planning and promotion.
  • Organization - Keep it simple, focus on leadership, identify resources, and collaborate. Within each TDA, bring the public, private, and nonprofit sectors together to plan for the future of tourism. Create an organization to coordinate tourism planning on a countywide basis.