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Envision Lancaster County

The county's comprehensive plan is slated to guide Lancaster County until 2030. The Envision Lancaster Comprehensive Plan is comprised of three components: a policy element, a growth management element, and six functional elements.
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Revisions, the policy element, contains the vision and goals of the Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan.


Balance, the growth management element, guides growth through 2030 by establishing a framework for future land use including urban and rural strategies.

Six Functional Elements

  • Heritage, the cultural heritage element, provides a blueprint for the creation of a well-organized, smoothly functioning preservation system of Lancaster County's cultural heritage.
  • Greenscapes, the green infrastructure element, provides a blueprint for accommodating appropriate growth and development while preserving the region’s most valuable natural resources, native species, cultural assets, and agricultural economy.
  • Choices, the housing element, provides a plan to meet the housing needs of all current and future residents regardless of cost or location.
  • Tourism, the tourism element plans to increase the economic, social, and environmental benefits of tourism in Lancaster County.
  • Connections, the transportation element, provides a long-range transportation plan for Lancaster County. It lays the groundwork for a multi-modal transportation system to meet Lancaster County's needs in the 21st century.
  • Blueprints, the water resources element, promotes watershed-based integrated water resources planning and management to protect, conserve, and improve water resources in Lancaster County.