Green Infrastructure Element
Greenscapes, the green infrastructure element of the Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan defines a vision, goals and objectives, strategies, and tools to preserve, conserve, restore, and enhance natural resources through the establishment of a countywide, integrated green infrastructure system.

It highlights the importance of protecting large blocks of contiguous land and improving connectivity as it aims to establish a network of natural areas, conservation lands, and working landscapes. Greenscapes provides a blueprint for accommodating appropriate growth and development while preserving the region’s most valuable natural resources, native species, cultural assets, and agricultural economy.

The green infrastructure system created by applying the strategies and tools contained in the plan will provide a framework for sustainable growth and economic vitality in urban growth areas, for agriculture and other compatible uses in rural areas, and for outdoor recreation and related activities such as walking and biking throughout the county.

Natural Areas Inventory
The Lancaster County Natural Areas Inventory identifies the exemplary natural areas and species of special concern (endangered, threatened, and rare) within the county. The inventory also includes areas that cannot be considered natural, but may be of significance for wildlife and open space. Federal, state, local, and privately-owned protected areas and wetlands are also mapped in the inventory.