Community Planning Reviews

On behalf of the Lancaster County Planning Commission, staff provides advisory commentary for municipal planning and land use controls, among other activities as provided for in the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC).

The County Comprehensive Plan and its functional elements provide a broad framework for these reviews, in the context of municipal comprehensive plans translating the countywide vision into a local focus. In turn, land use controls and other planning tools implement the municipal comprehensive plan’s goals and policies.

Common Reviews

The following are common types of Community Planning Reviews submitted to the Commission:
  • Comprehensive Plans (municipal or multi-municipal) and Updates
  • Land Use Controls, including:
    • Zoning Ordinances (text and/or maps)
    • Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances
    • Updates
  • Official Maps
  • Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plans
  • Acquisition or Sale of Municipal and Public School Buildings and Land
  • Road Vacations

Submittal Requirements for Community Planning Reviews (i.e. Area-wides)

See MPC, Sections 303-306.
  • A letter or memo from the municipality or municipal solicitor requesting the county to review the associated amendment, rezoning, ordinance or map update, road vacation, etc.
  • A proposed ordinance stating the request with associated materials and/or maps.
  • A $250 filing fee, if the request is not made by a municipality or other public agency.

Application Help

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact the applications coordinator at 717-299-8333.