William K. Ebel, Jr.


Serves on the boards of the Lancaster County Coalition for Smart Growth and the Hourglass Foundation and on the Stewardship Committee of the Lancaster County Conservancy



Leadership Highlights:

First board member of the Conestoga Valley Association; served many decades.

Pushed for the creation of the Conestoga Greenway Trail.

Instrumental in organizing regional meetings in support of places2040. 

Worked with Millersville University to produce land use mapping over time.

Served on the county’s Transportation Authority.

Served 20 years on the LCSWMA’s board of directors.

Championed innovative, cost effective ways for LCSWMA to assist local communities with recreational trails and conservation initiatives.

Served 2 terms as Manheim Township Commissioner; championed native plants in township parks.

Served on the Board of the Lancaster County Conservancy for 6 years.