Small Area Plans (Communities, Corridors, and Landscapes)

Today, we’re thinking about places in a new way – one that doesn’t focus on traditional municipal or school district boundaries. To maintain our quality of life and economic competitiveness, we have to look past what divides us. We need to look beyond individual resources and see places as a whole. That’s why we’re emphasizing the concept of communities, corridors, and landscapes through the development of small area plans. 


Communities can be as small as a neighborhood, or as big as an Urban Growth Area. They’re places where people live, work, and play in close proximity, and where they find a variety of amenities. Most of our jobs are located here, as well as many of our retail and commercial uses.


Corridors are linear places (on land or water) that serve as a pathway for people, or even as a link between plant and animal habitats. Examples include trails, roads, railroads, and streams.


Landscapes are large-scale places where interaction between people and the land has created an area with distinct natural, historic, and cultural character.

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