Safe Harbor Bridge Rehabilitation

Achievement Award / Creating Great Places

 Project Partners:

Manor Township



Lancaster County MPO

Lancaster TAP, 


Corporate and Individual Donors

 Safe Harbor 1

 Safe Harbor 2

Project Highlights:

Restoration of the 125’ high trestle bridge began in 2015 and was finally completed and opened in June 2022. The entire 0.3-mile deck was stripped down to the steel girders and replaced with 2,170 tons of concrete and wooden side rails at a cost of $9 million.

 The project was designed to be a showcase bridge with many details like glass deck windows, bird viewing binoculars, elevated viewing area, and a pavilion. The bridge, once identified as a Top 10 Trail Gap in Pennsylvania, now connects the 23-mile Enola Low Grade Rail Trail and anticipates over 125,000 users in its first year.