Serving as an LCPC Member

We’re always looking for candidates to serve as Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC) members! We welcome new applications at any time, and we keep them on file for 4 years. The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners makes these appointments once a year, toward the end of the year. LCPC members serve 4-year terms.

All candidates must live in Lancaster County. Beyond that, there are different requirements for regional and at-large members:

  • Regional members must be a 1) municipal elected official, 2) municipal planning commission member, or 3) municipal manager. If you are not a municipal elected official, we ask you to provide the name of a municipal elected official as a reference. Regional members represent one of our planning areas. Please click the button below to open a map of these areas:

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  • At-large members typically 1) represent historically underrepresented groups or 2) have a special familiarity with “major areawide citizen interests” such as housing, education, economic development, etc. At-large members do not need the endorsement of a municipal elected official.

For more information about serving as an LCPC member, please click to open our member brochure:

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To apply to be an LCPC member:

  • Click the "MEMBER APPLICATION" button below to open an application.
  • After the application opens, please download it on your computer. Downloading it makes it possible to use the "SUBMIT FORM" button at the end of the application.
  • After you answer the question in the application, click “SUBMIT FORM” button.
  • A window will ask if you want to use Outlook or another app to send an email.
  • Click “Continue” to generate an email with the application attached. It will automatically be addressed to Faith Gaddie.
  • Click “Send” to send the email to Faith. 3x.95ButtonsForLCPC applicants-02 Opens in new window

If you have any additional questions, please contact Faith Gaddie, Senior Administrative Secretary, at or 717-299-8333. Thank you!