Lancaster Countywide Water and Sewer Mapping Project


Water-Sewer Screenshot-2Complete and up-to-date water and sewer infrastructure and capacity information is critical to making sound planning decisions about growth management, economic development, and infrastructure in Lancaster County’s designated growth areas.

In response to this need, and to implement the places2040 Big Idea of Growing Responsibly, using the catalytic tool of “Investing in Infrastructure,” the Lancaster County Planning Department (LCPD) and a project team collaborated with local water and sewer providers and municipalities to create a secure online tool that displays water and sewer capacity information, system constraints, and other critical planning data.

Initiated as a Pilot Project in the Lancaster Metro Planning Area, it is currently expanding to designated growth areas countywide, with estimated completion by the end of 2022. 

Project Details (Handout) 

Countywide Water-Sewer Mapping Project Flier


Because of the sensitive nature of water and sewer system data, and at the request of the water and sewer providers, certain data layers on this mapping tool are not available to the general public.

Access to Level 2 and Level 3 is granted at the discretion of the executive director or manager of each partner organization.

Level 1 (General Public)

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Level 2 (Select staff of water & sewer providers and municipalities)

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Level 3 (Select staff of water & sewer providers and municipalities)

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Instructions for Accessing and Using the Application 

Water - Sewer App Instructions

Data Layer Sources and Descriptions

Lancaster Countywide Water and Sewer Mapping Project Data Sources and Descriptions


Project or Data questions: Mark Huber, Sr. Planner, LCPD,

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