places2040 Implementation

Our role as a county planning agency is to create a shared vision for land use in the county. We are aligning local policies and zoning codes with places2040 through partner workshops and regional plans. These programs equip local leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to implement the big ideas in places2040.

Most of us agree on 80% of what we need to do. We all want to preserve farms and natural lands and keep our urban places vibrant. Places2040 covers the 80%... so regional and local plans can focus on the 20% that makes their communities unique and different.

The Workshops

 From 2020 to 2022, LCPD is holding five workshops in each of the county’s planning areas along with a summit planned for 2022. Each workshop focuses on a big idea from places2040 and highlights key policies under that idea. For each of these policies, we work with our Partners for Place to identify priority areas for implementation; in other words, those policies that would make the biggest impact.

 For each policy, we do some countywide analysis and break it down by planning area. The results illustrate opportunities and challenges our municipalities, school districts, authorities, as well as our Partners for Place, can address together. 

 Click below to see content for each of the workshops

 Taking Care of What We Have (Winter 2020)

Growing Responsibly in Urban Areas (Fall 2020)

Growing Responsibly in Rural Areas (Winter 2021)

Connecting People, Place, and Opportunity (Spring 2021)

Creating Great Places (Fall 2021) Links coming Soon!

Thinking Beyond Boundaries Summit (Winter 2022) 

 Workshop Next Steps & Follow Up 

 We’d like regional and local comprehensive plans to follow a “nested” approach. Rather than starting from scratch, these plans can follow the same outline as places2040 – and focus on many of the same policies. With limited resources at the county and local level, we think this approach is the most efficient way to update these plans!

 Here’s what these plans could look like:


  • How your region will address the places2040 policies highlighted in our workshops


  • How you’ll address other places2040 policies relevant to your region
  • Additional challenges & opportunities you can address on a regional basis


  • Challenges & opportunities specific to individual communities

Ideally, we’d like to see regional plans based on our nested approach. However, if you’re doing a local or regional plan with a consultant, we encourage you to borrow as much as you can from places2040 and the workshop materials. If you’re not working on a plan, LCPD staff will work with you to implement local policies and regulations consistent with the places2040 policies we’re highlighting in the workshops.