Transportation: The Lancaster MPO

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LCPC tackles transportation through a partnership called the Lancaster MPO. We work with PennDOT, Lancaster City, the Federal Highway Administration, and the South Central Transit Authority.


Our transportation system is made up of trains, buses, roads, trails, and sidewalks – things that help us go from place to place. Transportation planning is the process of imagining what this system could look like in the future. Planners create decision-making frameworks for their partners to build this future together. The Lancaster MPO has a plan called Connects2040 that contains ideas on how our community can meet the mobility needs of the County’s people and their goods between now and 2045.


We publish our upcoming projects on a list called the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).


The Lancaster MPO also has an Active Transportation Plan (ATP). Active Transportation is human powered movement - it is what we do when we use things like shoes, wheelchairs, and bikes to get around. Our plan was made to connect many modes of transportation in a multimodal network. These connections will give us more options to choose active ways to travel.


Other than implementing these plans, the Lancaster MPO has other duties in the County. We reduce traffic congestion, carry out studies, and help regional partners with transportation work.  


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