Bicycle & Pedestrian Planning

Lancaster Active Transportation Plan - still underway.  Look for a draft plan release in the next couple of months

Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Plan Phase II 2004

Bicycle Map

Click here to view the Lancaster County Bicycle Map .  A printed bike map may be available at bike shops around the county, as supplies last.  The bike map is anticipated to be reprinted following the completion of the county's Active Transportation Plan, which is currently underway.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) is an advisory committee to the county's Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) regarding bicycle and pedestrian issues related to the county's transportation planning process. You may view agendas and minutes for this committee online.

Listed below is the current membership of the committee.

 Organization/Interest  Member Appointed Date   Term Expires
 Development Community, Bike Commuter  Bill Swiernik  1/1/2018 ` 12/31/2019
 vacant    1/1/2018  12/31/2019
 Lancaster Bicycle Club  Bill Hoffman  1/1/2018  12/31/2019
 City, Pedestrian  George Tobler  1/1/2018  12/31/2019
 Health, Pedestrian  Brenda Buescher 1/1/2018  12/31/2019

For a complete list of MPO memberships, please refer to the Transportation Planning page.