Public Participation

The Lancaster County Transportation Coordinating Committee (LCTCC) is committed to involving the public in the transportation planning process for Lancaster County.

The county recognizes that a good public participation process results in a project that is designed with sensitivity to the needs and values of the community it serves and results in greater support of the project by the community. To this end, the LCTCC created a Public Participation Plan, in conformance with federal law, to ensure that every Lancaster County resident is given the opportunity to participate in the development of transportation policies, programs, and projects being proposed in Lancaster County.

Citizen's Guide
The county also developed a Citizens Guide to Transportation Planning in Lancaster County. LCTCC had involved the public before developing the Public Participation Plan, but the plan formalized the MPO’s public participation process. This is a dynamic plan that will be modified, as needed, to meet the changing needs of all sectors of the public. In conjunction of the update of the Long Range Transportation Plan, the MPO is also making some updates to the Public Participation Plan.

The Public Participation Plan for the LCTCC is built on the following principles established by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA):
  • Early and continuous involvement
  • Reasonable public availability of technical data and other information
  • Collaborative input on alternatives, evaluation criteria, and mitigation needs
  • Open public meetings where matters related to transportation policies, programs, and projects are being considered
  • Open access to the decision making process prior to closure