Funding Programs

Smart Growth Transportation

The Smart Growth Transportation (SGT) program was established by the Lancaster County Transportation Coordinating Committee in 2011. The program funds transportation projects and studies located within the County’s designated Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) and Village Growth Areas (VGAs) that build infrastructure for safer, more walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly communities; encourage economic development; and, ultimately, support smart growth. The purpose of the program is to fund transportation projects that provide tangible benefits in the near-future.

The current round of SGT funding is approximately $3 million of federal money available for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2021-2022. If interested in applying, please review the program guidelines and submit a Notice of Intent by May 31, 2019 (see Documents section below).



April 17, 2019
SGT Workshop is held for municipalities. Program Guidelines and Notices of Intent are issued at this time.
May 31, 2019
Notice of Intent forms are due at the LCPC by 5:00 pm.
June 7, 2019
Applications are issued.
 June 10 - 21, 2019 First meeting of SGT Task Force to review process timeline and program changes.
July 19, 2019
Applications are due at the LCPC office by 5:00 pm. All attachments, maps and appendices must be submitted as part of the application packet. Applications received after this date will not be reviewed.
July 22 - August 16, 2019
Application review by MPO staff. They will coordinate with applicants on any edits or points of clarification, as needed.
 August 2019 Potential SGT Task Force site visits
 August - September, 2019 Public meeting resolutions for all SGT applications.
Municipalities must include a resolution documenting municipal support for their SGT application(s) at the appropriate local, regularly scheduled public meeting.
September 3-13, 2019
SGT Task Force interviews applicants at the Lancaster County Government Center.
Sept. 16-30, 2019 Last meeting of SGT Task Force to discuss any remaining questions before scoring.
October 2019
Applications and interviews are officially evaluated and scored by SGT Task Force. Recommendations are made to MPO staff.
November 2019
MPO staff present funding recommendations to TTAC and MPO.
December 2019
Funding recommendations are made part of the 2021 - 2024 TIP.
June 2020
The 2021 -2024 TIP is adopted by the MPO.