Programs & Services

Lancaster County Planning Commission (LCPC) offers technical assistance to municipalities, organizations, and individuals on a variety of issues.

Contact the Planning Commission at 717-299-8333, if you have questions about these services or think that we may be able to help you with a particular issue.
  1. Agricultural & Rural Lands Planning Program

    Learn about the program formed to guide county and municipal planning policy.

  2. Community Planning & SALDO Reviews

    Check out planning and subdivision and land development reviews

  3. Historic Resources Inventory

    View information and surveys on the Boroughs Initiative.

  4. Leadership Awards Program

    Submit a nominee for a Leadership Award nomination.

  5. Multi-Municipal (Regional) Comprehensive Planning

    Review the collective efforts of other municipalities working together on development projects.

  6. Population Projections

    Review the documented estimations of population growth.

  7. Road Report

    Stay up-to-date on the latest road construction conditions.

  8. Transportation

    Learn about transportation programs, funding, and future planning.